Interaction Verification

Our interaction verification contains three different attributes: Loyalty, Incentives, and Media. This suite lends itself to better understanding of consumer behaviour through actionable insights and leads to overall better business outcomes.


of consumers believe that loyalty programs can be improved.


of companies say improving data is crucial for better customer experiences.


of frequent users say they only use brands that personalize their experiences.

Customers prioritize personalization

There is no doubt that customer interaction is one of the most important aspects of business. However, with a consistently growing customer base, it can be difficult to personally engage with individuals or regularly produce individualized content. Instead, many businesses use loyalty programs or incentives that are geared towards general consumers instead of specifically targeting individual customers.

Get to know your customers as individuals

Our tools will give companies access to real-time data, and therefore individualized consumer information. This assists in providing personalized content and incentives for consumers, as well as the ability to pivot decision making if an attribute isn’t meeting the intended outcomes.

Key Benefits

Ability to adapt loyalty program in real-time based on verifiable information.

Better understand the individuals using your product.

Personalize branding and incentives based on consumer interactions.

Gain highly detailed insight into how to motivate your customers.

Utilize any type of media to verify consumer interaction.

Connect to consumers–both new and established–through virtually any outlet.


Build a new generation of loyalty program by utilizing our 100% verifiable data to garner insight into your customers’ wants and needs–real-time data will help ensure you’re getting the most out of your loyalty program.


Further motivate your customers by offering personalized incentives for interacting with and consuming your product. Thanks to the granular level insights you gain with Fr0ntierX, you’ll be able to individualize various incentives for loyal customers.


Our technology is able to connect customers to brands through virtually any type of media–whether you want engagement from ads on television or billboards or even social media, we are able to integrate our infrastructure in a way that utilizes different media outlets and gain important customer insights.

Ready to transition to Intelligent Data?

Speak to our team and find out how Fr0ntierX can help your business.

Ready to transition to Intelligent Data?

Speak to our team and find out how Fr0ntierX can help your business.

© 2023 FrontierX Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2023 FrontierX Inc. All rights reserved.