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Verifiable Data

Data is understanding of business, industry, and profits. However, no data has ever been guaranteed–instead, a portion of every data set has been unusable – until now. Our analytics will supply completely verified, usable data so that you can understand the most important parts of your company.

Why Fr0ntierX?

Fr0ntierX is an enterprise software infrastructure that is completely customizable to fit your business’s specific technological needs. From data security to compliance to incentive programs, our verified data and bespoke solutions will help you shape the best business practices possible.

Product Suite

At the core of Fr0ntierX is data optimization: data verification which covers security, privacy and governance; identity verification including KYC/AML, access, and compliance; interaction verification encompassing loyalty programs, incentives, and media; and bespoke business solutions.


Make the most effective and profitable business decisions.


Make it easier for you to ensure personal security for your customers.


Understand customer priorities when it comes to your business.


Our platform can be completely tailored to your business needs.

Customer Testimonials

  • The Fr0ntierX team are of the highest caliber. The team has a deep understanding of the current gaps within the Web3 market and are building products to help onboard the next million users to the space. It’s a tremendous organization. If you’re looking to explore Web3 and need a group of professionals with top tier tooling I’d recommend working with Fr0ntierX.

    Zach Moore | Strategic Web3 | AWS

  • Fr0ntierX is undoubtedly one of the most top-tier teams I have worked with in Web3 and we’re just getting started.

    Dana Shea | Lead Sales Engineer | ImmutableX

  • LG is delighted to partner with Fr0ntierX, this partnership allows LG to become the global leader in NFT integration and innovation within several key verticals which our customers are looking for.

    Richard Topping | Corporate & Retail Head of Enterprise Sales | LG

Ready to transition to Intelligent Data?

Speak to our team and find out how Fr0ntierX can help your business.

Ready to transition to Intelligent Data?

Speak to our team and find out how Fr0ntierX can help your business.

© 2023 FrontierX Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2023 FrontierX Inc. All rights reserved.