Data Verification

Our verification analytics suite will help clients make the most effective and profitable business decisions, no matter the field. This is broken down into three distinct areas: security, privacy, and governance–all to help garner the best understanding of specific business practices.


people were affected by data breaches in 2022.


of US users stated that companies are accountable for loss of personal data.


of business leaders believe their cybersecurity risks are increasing.

Legacy of Problems

While data analytics have been a large part of business practices since the early 1960s, there has always been unusable information in any given dataset along with a valid fear of data breaches due to a lack of security.

Our Verifiable Solution

With our technology, all data is completely provable; 100% of attained data is ready to be used and analyzed immediately, with no need to adjust for human error. Similarly, security is one of our top priorities–access cannot be transferred, duplicated, or falsified.

Key Benefits

Sensitive data will always stay confidential.

Access is non-transferable and unable to be duplicated.

All data is guaranteed to be protected.

Real-time analytics will surpass quality standards.

Custom platform to prioritize your business needs.

Ensures privacy, protection, and security.

Data Security

We recognize the need for security, especially when it comes to sensitive data and information. With our platform, anything can be verifiably secured such that the only users with access are the ones specifically granted permission.

Data Privacy

We understand that data is personal: from company specifics to consumer information, we guarantee that your data is protected while exceeding the quality standards you need to make the most advantageous decisions.

Data Governance

Our data governance features will help you focus on your company’s data needs–in terms of protection, security, privacy, and more. Because governance relies so heavily on the particular individualized choices, we can cater to exactly what your company requires.

Ready to transition to Intelligent Data?

Speak to our team and find out how Fr0ntierX can help your business.

Ready to transition to Intelligent Data?

Speak to our team and find out how Fr0ntierX can help your business.

© 2023 FrontierX Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2023 FrontierX Inc. All rights reserved.