Web3 Products

Here at Fr0ntierX, we offer a multitude of products that can be seamlessly integrated into any application so there’s no need for your customers to add another app onto their phone—instead, we bring our infrastructure to an app they already know how to navigate: yours. Each product is built for whatever your company needs, be it loyalty tracking, ticketing, proof of attendance, coupons, promotions, or analytics.

Product Overview

Since our products are customizable and tailored specifically to your business, we are able to support a wide variety of different use cases and scale with an assortment of products for many different verticals. Whether your priorities center around event tickets, fan-based merchandising, retail, or proof of interaction, we make it easy for you to interact with your consumers in the most direct and authentic way possible. Between proof of attendance, interaction, and ticketing, the chance of fraudulent activity, false numbers, or fake tickets are next to impossible.



Proof of attendance is one of the most unique features Fr0ntierX offers. Through this product, you can easily and indisputably prove that customers who buy your products are the ones attending the event. All it requires is the opening of an app and a click of a selfie—from there, the token can be easily sent to their wallet. The best part? Your business can utilize this as a way to distribute more brand incentives.

Proof of Interaction

At the core of everything is an infinite loop of customer interaction.

Easily engage and onboard customers.

Through our platform, clients are able to easily engage and onboard customers, incentivize and interact through various channels, verify interactions at an individualized, granular level and create higher quality customer data which leads to better customer engagement, retention, and business decision making.

Brand Loyalty.

This proof of interaction lends itself to both customer acquisitions and brand loyalty by utilizing innovative incentive models, immersive communities, personalized consumer interaction, and feedback.



Working hand in hand with our attendance product, our ticketing set up allows your fans, consumers, and attendees to gain special access to different aspects of the user experience such as areas of an event, QR codes, special deals, and more. As with everything else, these tickets are 100% verified and adaptable to your needs.



With our platform, we make brand loyalty easy and effortless through continual consumer interaction. Improved customer understanding ultimately leads to brand loyalty, consumer retention, better feedback, and an overall stronger community. The best part is that your business and brand can utilize this as much or as little as you want.



Fr0ntierX’s Analytics Dashboard is the last vital product in the continuous loop of consumer interaction. Through our dashboard, your business will be able to better understand and prioritize your consumers, which leads to overall better business decision making, profitability and the ability to connect with your customers on a granular level.