Platform Features

At Fr0ntierX, our goal is to make it faster and easier for you to communicate directly with your consumers. Our platform can be specifically tailored to include exactly what your business wants. We refer to it as “infinite consumer interaction”—an adaptable, individualized way for you to better understand the most important people in your business: the customers.

Features Overview

Through our platform, we offer a wide range of ways for you to continually connect with your customers: chat functions, notifications, marketplace, interactive tokens, and more. These features are meant to help you gain a better understanding of the individuals who are regularly and loyally consuming your product. We understand that your priority is your relationship with consumers, so let us do all the “tech work” while you utilize our different communication features for your own brand.



One of the unique attributes of Fr0ntierX’s platform is our ability to issue tokens on demand at scale—it doesn’t matter if you have three customers or three hundred million, we are here to help you deliver your own customizable tokens to as many or as few consumers as you’d like.


The wallet is the backbone of our platform. It is, first and foremost, the way you are able to interact with your clients using blockchain verified, 100% provable interactions—it works in conjunction with the chat features and notifications in a way that no other platform can, leading to higher engagement that you can use to build an even stronger community.


Full featured chat.

Unlike other messaging platforms, Fr0ntierX guarantees secure messaging for your consumer community: our platform is token gated and can only be accessed by individuals who are verified and authenticated, which means your customers don’t have to be concerned with scams or schemes. This gives consumers the chance to feel comfortable not only with your brand, but also their peers within the community.


Never miss a thing.

The most unique attribute of our platform is our ability to notify consumers. We are the only platform that offers this service, and it is meant to work in conjunction with both the chat and wallet functions so that you can reach out directly to your consumers and continue to build the best community for your brand.



The FR0NTIER X platform is already integrated with the leading marketplaces on the Ethereum, Immutable X and Polygon chains. We will be adding support to more chains in the future as well as a whitelabel custom marketplace option for our clients.